New Stories

finished-11The “Art” page of End the Silence has just been updated! Check out the page to browse work by 3 new artists.

Also, new stories and poetry have been added.

I want to thank the members of the RAINN Speaker’s Bureau who were brave enough to share their stories with End the Silence. Their stories, poetry, and artwork can be found throughout the site. I hope that other readers are inspired by these words. Please feel free to leave comments for the authors.

End the Silence is still seeking new submissions of poetry, stories, and artwork. Send submissions to and let your voice be heard.

Join Me!

Welcome to End the Silence. This brand-new campaign strives to eliminate the stigma of silence surrounding rape and sexual violence by encouraging survivors to speak and asking the community to listen.

Through stories, prose, and art, End the Silence strives to help survivors find their voices and help families and friends of survivors understand the truth about sexual violence.

Please stay posted for coming updates!