Andrea Gibson – Featured Poet

End the Silence has the distinct privilege of featuring the work of Andrea Gibson, an extremely talented slam poet and activist.  As soon as you read her words, I am sure you will be as moved as I was when I first heard her poetry. Her poetry speaks for itself, so please read and listen to the works represented here.

only cries
when she feels like she’s about to lose control
she knows how much control is worth
knows what a woman can lose
when her power to move
is taken away
by a grip so thick with hate
it could clip the wings of god
leave the next eight generations of your blood shaking
and tonight something inside me is breaking
my heart beating so deep beneath the sheets of her pain
i could give every tear she’s crying
a year—a name…”

- excerpt from “Blue Blanket”

I want to give a special thank you to Andrea for allowing her work to be featured on this site.