New Feature: Laura Connett

Today’s feature is a poem by Laura Connett about some of the challenges of leaving an abusive situation. She delves into the mental games that romantic partners can play to exert their authority and power. She also describes the courage that it takes to leave. Read Laura’s poem here.

Boys will be Boys

“I’d love to tell you that that was the end of it, that my life went on normally, happily ever after, yadda yadda.  My nightmare is not knowing how many other kids he did this too, and the guilt of not having said something to someone, anyone, about what he was doing.  As an adult I became promiscuous with both sexes, ruined two marriages and many relationships…

Say something.  Please.”

-Eric, from “It must be okay, he’s a doctor”

Read the rest of Eric’s story and other survivor stories on the Prose page of End the Silence.

I think we can all take Eric’s advice. It’s time for us to say something. PLEASE.