Web Guidelines

End the Silence Campaign seeks original stories, poetry, and art by survivors of sexual violence and their friends and loved ones for web publication. Whether your story is a narrative account of the event, a work of fiction that sprung from the event, a poem, or a work of visual art, your story deserves to be told.

Sharing your story is a journey, one that requires strength but also generates conversation and healing. Please feel free to experiment with form, theme, structure, character, language, and style. Do not worry about rules or convention, but instead try to find your VOICE.

Please see the guidelines below before submitting your work.

Website Submission Rules and Guidelines:

  • All work must be submitted electronically via the online form or via email (emily@endthesilencecampaign.org).
  • All work must be original.
  • All work must be respectful of differences in others. Any work deemed discriminatory will not be included.
  • All work will appear with the author’s first name only, unless otherwise requested.
  • All content will be reviewed by End the Silence before it appears on the site.

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