My Story

by: Danielle


Here is my story of me going through rape and sexual assualt.I was in my garage doing some thing and it was on Monday night.I noticed a guy coming up to me and he grabbed by my breats and vaginal area.I struggled a little bit when he unzipped my pants pulling them down also pulling my panties down to my knees.That is when he raped me saying “Oh yeah this is good.I fought back after that,punched him in the stomach and ran to my tool box where my Colt .45 hand gun was and it was loaded.I have ccw permit.I did cock it back,he lunged at me with a knife and I shot at him twice killing him with the second shot in the chest.I did call police right away and cooperated with police and the detective that came out.The first cop that came out said I was a good shot,he checked my rapist’s pulse and there was none,was dead.I was also smart not mess with the crime scene.Police did find both casings from my gun.I was shocked at first and sent to the hospital after that.Luckily the nurse stayed by my side even when the rape kit came out.I am doing very well now,seeing a therapist dealing with this and have lots of support.I have support from my family and friends,My girlfriend Jen and her family which is helping.I had no choice shooting and killing my rapist.