When I Said ‘No’

by: Megan Molargik


When I said “no”,
He didn’t listen; he didn’t care.
He wanted what he wanted
And he thought that was fair.

When I said “no”,
He didn’t agree.
He swore that his way
Would be fine by me.

“I want to go home.
“That’s all I need.”
He said I needed a man
Lying between my knees.

“You’re too old for me.
“I want my first time to be special
“With someone who loves only me.”
I didn’t care if it hurt
Or how hard I cried,
Just as long as it was someone
I loved lying by my side.

He robbed me of my dream of that time
When that special someone
Laid exhausted by my side.
He took away my peace and trust,
But he won’t take away my music and voice.

I will sing and I will live.
I will hope and someday love,
And dream of the day
When I can know
That it matters to someone
When I say “no”.