The Fortress

by: Kathryn S.


Cold and cruel this world can be,
So I began to build a wall.
A fortress built with many stones,
A refuge that would not fall.

Insecurity laid as the cornerstone,
And the foundation was set in place.
Trust and love too easily shattered,
So mistrust was used as a base.

My fortress was built with many stones,
Stones of fear, and pain, and pride.
My heart grew cold and calloused within,
As all emotions were kept inside.

Locked away in solitude,
I kept violence and rape.
Protected and closely guarded,
So that no secret would ever escape.

Listen! Listen! It’s the voice of Wisdom.
He’s handing me a key.
He’s asking me to unlock the truth
For only truth can set you free.

When I unlocked the door I was astounded,
For things were not as I presumed;
It wasn’t a fortress I had built,
I had merely built a tomb.