The Power of One

by: Teralisa J. Brewer

Can inspire hope out of hopelessness

Can activate positive change from negative energy

Can generate light from darkness

Can resurrect a dream that many thought had died


Can create peace from a chaotic atmosphere

Can shape a follower into a leader

Can raise construction from destruction

Can speak a word that soothes the soul


Can raise stability from instability

Can bring forth strength in times of weakness

Can inspire joy and happiness from pain and despair

Can stimulate creativity and vision


Can renew a sparkle in what was once labeled as dull and colorless

Can bring shape to a body that was considered shapeless

Can enrich and elevate a mind to reach its fullest potential

Can prompt inspiration from devastation


Can inspire courage where discouragement once loomed

Can amplify a still, small voice

Can breathe life into a place where death once hovered

The power of one can change multitudes