Mouthing the Words

by: Sarah Ann Henderson

Dying to speak, but I’m not allowed
Not that they’d listen– they don’t know how

I have been silenced, my voice of no use
My throat has been slit by this nameless abuse

Secrets and lies build up in my chest
My body absorbs them, never confessed

I wonder and hope that there might be a day
When someone will see me, hear something I say

But most of me knows that’s some childish dream
I’m resigned to put up with the internal screams

For I have to be normal, I have to be good
I have to be quiet and do what I should

Because I’m the glue that holds us as one
I am the girl that gets everything done

So I’ll keep the secrets, Pandora’s Box closed
I’ll make sure that nothing and no one’s exposed

But wait– watch as her scarred body grows
Careful, she’s letting some hidden things show

Triumphant, she feels that she’s finally spoken
Though for this divulgence, her family has broken

Today it still takes all I have to say “No”
To set my own limits, let that drama go

But it’s getting easier year after year
I’m working hard to conquer my fears

And find other ways for my voice to be heard
No more must I lay, just mouthing the words

© Sarah Ann Gaston