The Love of a Friend

by: Megan Molargik

Times that are dark and bleak
Are times when my heart feels weak.
I want to cry and scream
And ask “What does it mean?”

People wonder what did I do
To find the strength to make it through.
There wasn’t anything I did
That helped me with the life I live.

I find my strength around me
In what others may not see.
It is in friends across the land
Who reach out to hold my hand.

Those long nights when I cry myself to sleep
Are also the nights when I find a love that is mine to keep.
The love of a friend that will not fade
Is the salve to soothe my heartache.

So whether you are near or far,
I am grateful for who you are.
American or Italian born,
I couldn’t ask for more.

Your love is one I can’t return.
My only hope is that I can pay it forward