by: Marisa Knowlton

your subconscious consensually conceived
thinking you’re against everyone else
but it’s just you against yourself
here i am, here for the taking
oppression, regression
you’ve left your impression
a need to conquer, to clean
if you’re stepping on others
so you can reclaim your heart
have you really succeeded?
must history be repeated?
it’s not abuse if we’re already low
it’s not rape if nobody knows
how deeply it goes
maybe if I scrub until I bleed
he wont be able to plant his seed
fills his need and then be on his way
never considering his half-beaten pray
if there are no marks,
if there are no tears
no evidence collected of battered years
if your eyes are closed and cannot see
we will all disappear eventually
perpetuate violence and all you fight
you’ve endured it yourself, so you must have the right
seduce the abuse right out of my thighs
your actions echo a society’s lies
you can’t hide the pain so dull in your eyes
consent, for the taking
the future-making, finally awaking
realizing sooner or later
you have become the perpetrator