by: Lena MacBeth

Help me
Icarus, Hades
is after his ChildBride again
But I’m just the Flower girl
Shoot down once more
I’ve got to fly with you
Let me melt rather than become broken
Let me become flames and drops
Let us crash comically
And yes! Let us land so hard
we’re unrecognizable
This I can handle.
give me one flash dance
one drum of punctuation
wilted blooms become Light and Sound and Over!
childish with danger one innocent dance
then dashed to the ground
and I’ll delight to be smashed
I’ll never have to tell my Mother
Shoot down Icarus!
He wants to pull off my petals
loves me loves me not
I am the Flower girl
deflowered again
Icarus, don’t you dare escape without me