Darling I Tamed Myself for You

By: Kink


The sweetness of your smile softened the edges of my heart
But I never realized your effect until we began to part
And when I saw how little of myself turned out to be true
Darling, I came to realize I tamed myself for you

I loved so much to laugh and smile
But was it really worth my while?
After all, it was my flirty charm and energy
That led you to fall in love with me
But, when others took notice too
Darling, I tamed myself for you

I was eager to discover physical pleasures
With you, to uncover all its treasures
But your close-minded ways ended that
And curiosity killed the cat
So, when I thought of trying something new
Darling, I tamed myself for you

When my imagination played with the possibilities
And the newly opened opportunities
My talks of learning and traveling elsewhere
Were so much more than you could bear
So I wished all my ambitious dreams adieu
Darling, I tamed myself for you

After all is said and done, after all the lies
After all the time we spent, we still met our demise
I am left to wonder and I wish I knew
Why I tamed myself for you