Broken Angel

by: Jennifer

So much has been said, not all can be read,
You see me in the flesh, what your eyes deny you; is already dead.
I walk as though there is no fault in me,
But if they really knew would they stay or would they flee?
As a child once tainted, no longer innocence crowned her frame,
Now I sit a “Broken Angel”, I bare no body, bare no name.
I wanted just to be loved; a gentle touch would do,
Then again what is safe? I thought that I was safe with them too.
My temple was no longer sacred; my mind was so far gone,
I sat there trying to be normal; I just wanted to remain strong.
Thoughts running through my mind, unimaginable you could say,
I was yet another lost soul, broken, gone astray.
Do not try to fix me; I am damaged beyond measurement,
Darkness lies beneath the eyes it’s truly evident.
I tried to let it go everyday but the memories never seemed to fade,
Praying to God, I wished I was never made.
They questioned me all the time wondering why they never got a reply,
If they wanted the truth they would have looked deep beneath the eye.