The Greatest Gift

by: Iris


I spent twenty years with a man who abused me

Our three daughters are as beautiful as can be

Why did I stay? You may want to know

With three kids and no job, where would I go?

The girls seemed okay, it would mess up their lives

No. Women should stay home like good little wives

Besides, I did love him, he provided for us

I thought I could cover up the bad things he does

But one fateful night I went out of control

The years of abuse had taken their toll

I got up the next morning and it was all gone

All the things that had kept me there for so long

My home, all my money, along with my car

I even had to watch my girls from afar

The world around me was so bleak and dark

Til one day it hit me like a beautiful spark

The things he took can all be replaced

But my education, my memories, my love with my girls cannot be erased

If the things that bound me had never been taken

My Higher life would still be forsaken

So now I know it was the greatest gift that he gave me

By taking it all, he actually saved me.