Final Moments

by: Kathryn S.


Please let me call my Daddy, I begged,
And tell him I’ll be late.
There’s snow outside and I promised him
I’d be home by eight.

I promise not to tell my Daddy
That you’re holding me against my will.
But I promised Daddy that I’d be home,
A promise I can’t fulfill.

“I just called to say I’m okay Dad,
And I’m sorry but I’m going to be late.”
Oh, I hope he heard I love you, Dad,
And don’t fret about my fate.

They’ll find me beaten and murdered tomorrow.
They’ll tell my Daddy I’m dead.
Do you think he heard I love you Dad
Behind every word that I said?

Hold my Mama closely, Daddy,
And hold my brothers too.
Tell them that I called last night
To say I love all of you.

I said good-byes. Time to move on.
One last thing to do.
God please forgive my wayward ways,
And take me home with You.