Bits of Stone

by: Cori

There are
bits of stones
and broken bones
away where they can’t find me.
Through the woods,
and through the trees
with bloody hands
and sore, skinned knees.
I’ve got broken teeth
and swollen lips
and something strange
between my hips.
I’ve got no place
where I can hide.
I’ve got no one
to confide
all the secrets
in my mind
and all the past
not left behind.
I’ve got nightmare dreams
and swallowed screams
and I always wake up crying.
Because through the wood,
and through the trees
there is anger
for what you did to me
and I can’t seem to keep on hiding.
You look at me
and this disease
and smile and laugh
with sickening ease.
You asked my name.
You asked my name.
You’ve said it a thousand times
in a million ways
with a billion lies
for six hundred days.
My vision froze
and I arose
and walked away.
Shaking. Faking.
Remember me?
You called me your Utopia.
A perfect city
to ravage and burn.
And through the smoke
and the flames
I refuse to play
your fucking games.
You’ll never hear
my name again.
Never remember
your fucking sins.
The sins you never
thought were wrong.