Angels of Silence

by: Bryan Newman

If an angel cries in her room and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound sleeping beauty with nightmares habitually breaks down
writes her emotions on a pad because nobody takes the time listen
ink drips like teardrops aimed to flush trauma from her system
just to lift it internally ripping systematically viscous
sickness damaging with quickness
in her darkest moments nobody is there to witness
and when they do see it do they recognize it for what it is
society always blames the victim
it is making me sick
what were you wearing when this tragedy hit
you should have known better miss
boys will be boys who lose their grip
when retinas focus on cleavage
clothes expose the chest and all they think about is tits
the blame sits on the rapist but we criticize the survivor
couldn’t do shit but let him slide his way inside her
it will all be over soon
but every second like an hour
slow moving clock in the moments of gloom
impaled with erection he felt power
weapon was his cock and the room was a tomb
pain blooms a wilted rose in a cracked vase
its a pain I will never know but I saw it in her face
just a small taste that had me crying from the pain
I saved the tears for when she wasn’t around
I knew I had to be strong but at times I just broke down
feeling tiny like their was only so much I could do to help
I wanted her to be emancipated from hell
but she always felt trapped
nobody should live in constant fear of attack
the prick who did this to her should be in a cell
but freely walks on the streets
could be doing this to someone else right now as we speak
I will never know but I know this
when an angel cries alone the screams are fucking real
they do make a sound
reality is gory
so I will never stop fighting
this is for everyone with the same story
as long as I have breath and vocal cords
hands that can write and a will that can fight
we can shape the future one small piece at a time
I do believe that every dark tunnel has a glint of light
keep your head up my angel I know you can shine
I know your wings can fly
carry on and don’t let the fire die
everything will get better
it is only a matter of time