Fears and Tears

by: Anonymous Women’s Resource Center Client, Traverse City, MI

Years of Fears and Tears
Scars, Cars & Bars
Use and Abuse
No Excuse

Possessed and Oppressed
Stressed and Depressed
Taught to Say Yes
What a Mess

Barbie Doll Don’t Tell
Bells and Yells
Smell of Pure Hell

Threats and Bets
Promises Un-kept
Unsupervised Visitation
Complete Annihilation

Gang Rape
Miles of Red Tape
Major Scrape

Multiple Trials
Sneering Smiles
Foul Smelling Bile

Shattered and Battered
Nothing Mattered
Turned to
What I Knew

Signs Were There
No One to Care
Blank Stare
Raging Flare

Turned on Self

Then One Day
After a Near Death Experience
Validation Replaced Self Destruction
Restoring Power
Hour by Hour