Alden Marshall - To Those Who Think They Know

Andrea Gibson – Anything

Andrea Gibson – Blue Blanket

Andrea Gibson – Dive

Andrea Gibson - Photograph

Annastacia – Cried

Anonymous Women’s Resource Center Client – Fears and Tears

Ash – The Weed That Chokes

Ashley Michelle P. – At the Verdict

Ashlie M. – Paper Cut

Beth R. – You Threw Me Around Quite a Bit, But I’ve Never Been Hit

Brian Francis – Chasing the Dawn

Brian Francis – Lilac Wino Reprise

Brian Francis – Stella, After A Miles Davis Song

Bryan Newman – Angel of the Silences

Britt London – Bone

Candace Nadine Breen – The Child Within

Celeste D. Barnes – Flashback

C.E.G. – Survivor!

Cori – Bits of Stone

NEW Danielle – What Could Have Been

Dawn Helmrich – The Journey

Dayce Ruth – The Days

Debra G. – Trapped

Emily Monroe – For My Sister

Emily Monroe – Night Mirrors

Emily Monroe – The Six O’Clock News

Heather Marie Laica – Fears for Years – Released by Tears

Iris – The Greatest Gift

Jennifer – Broken Angel

Jennifer J. Pasquale – Illusions of Dance

Jennifer M. – Blind Date

Jennifer M. – Prisoner

Jennifer M. – Shattered

John K. – Daddy’s Little Girl (blessed are the gentle)

Joyce Collins – The Insects Swarm Over Me

NEW Julie Cruickshank – Victim or Survivor

NEW Jurate Leslie R. – Amusement

Jwahir K. Sundai – If I Were Strength…

Kathryn S. – The Fortress

Kathryn S. – Final Moments

Kathryn S. – Shadows

NEW Kelly Gorman – After

NEW Kelly Gorman – Empty Eyes

Kink – Darling I Tamed Myself For You

Laura Connett – It Wasn’t My Fault

LW – Dad’s Best Friend

Laura Tattoo – No Regrets (for Haze)

Laura Tattoo – The Poet’s PTSD

Laura Tattoo – Whistler’s Mother at the Farmer’s Daughter

Leandra K. – Trust Taken, Faith Restored

Lee Ann Walker – Caught

Lena MacBeth – Icarus

Lin – Sidewalk Poem

NEW Madeleine Lietz – 1 or 2

Mallory Monroe – Upon My Sunlit Eyes, I Find the Man in the Moon

Marisa Knowlton – Consent

Marisa Knowlton – Traitor

Megan Molargik – The Love of a Friend

NEW Megan Molargik – When I Said ‘No’

NEW Melissa Cohn – Collected Poems

Merideth McCallick – Running

Michael Skinner – Brush Away Your Tears

Michael Skinner – Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

Michelle – I Feel

Michelle – I.R.A. Love

Michelle – Undetermined

Nicole T. – Silenced

Patricia Rickey – Untitled

Rachel Sherwyn – Dirty Little Secret

Ronda White – To Tell or Not to Tell

Sandra W. – Untitled

Sarah Ann Henderson – The Afterword

Sarah Ann Henderson – Asylum

Sarah Ann Henderson – Mouthing the Words

Sarah Ann Henderson – Outcry

Sarah Ann Henderson – Ransom

Shana – Heal

Stefanie Jane M – Collected Poems

Susanna Shutz Robar – Winds of Autumn

Tara Cameron - The Innocence Thief

Teralisa J. Brewer – The Power of One

Vickie Lamb – Bad Girl

Yotibar! – Fear