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End the Silence Campaign is seeking submissions for Volume 2 and 3 of In Our Own Words, a publication that features stories, poetry, and art created by survivors of sexual violence. The deadline for submissions is November 15th, 2011.

We are seeking original submissions of stories, poetry, and art that address the following two themes. We encourage you to create something fresh that examines one or both of these topics. In Our Own Words is designed not just to highlight powerful writing and art, but also to provide an outlet for continued self-expression and healing. The themes are:

1. Identity – Rape, sexual abuse, and sexual assault can dramatically impact a person’s sense of identity. What once seemed entirely within our control suddenly changes. Some of us battle to regain lost identity, some of us discover new parts of ourselves we never knew existed, some of us have re-created identities that embrace the trauma we survived. Feel free to be creative as you address this theme – we are open to your interpretations!

2. Love and Relationships – Some survivors struggle with maintaining healthy relationships, others face difficulties regaining a positive relationship with sex. Some survivors find partners that support their experience and provide incredible strength. Relationships connect us to life in both positive and negative ways, and we welcome any submissions that address this theme. Be creative – and honest!

To submit, please follow these instructions:

- E-mail submissions to
- Submissions can remain anonymous, use your first name, or your full name. Please indicate how you would like your name to be written if your work is selected.
- For stories and poetry, please put the text in the body of the email. DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS OF TEXT.
- For art, please send images in .jpg format only. Please send high quality images.

We look forward to receiving your submissions! To get an idea of what the final publication will look like, check out Volume 1 of In Our Own Words.

End the Silence Campaign is an independent project run entirely by volunteers. Due to the volume of submissions, please understand not every submission can be included in the journal. We will do our best to find a home for each story, poem or artwork, whether in a future edition of In Our Own Words or on our website. We welcome all inquiries, but please understand that it may take some time to address each submission. Thank you for your patience and understanding.