In Our Own Words is End the Silence Campaign’s electronic journal of stories, poetry, and art by survivors of sexual violence. This publication highlights original accounts of men and women of all ages who have survived rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse and found hope for their lives and for the future. The collection also features breathtaking artwork that captures the complex range of emotions that survivors of sexual violence face.

This collection was created to increase awareness about sexual violence, while inspiring and empowering anyone who finds comfort in these words.¬†Please be aware that reading other accounts of sexual violence can cause triggers and flashbacks, so make sure that you have someone nearby that you can talk to if you need support. Help is always available through RAINN’s online hotline -¬†www.rainn.org.

Check out our first two volumes, and stay posted for Volume 3 later in 2012!

In Our Own Words – Volume Two

In Our Own Words – Volume One