Writing Prompt 1 – Emily (25)

Ok, here is the result of the writing prompt based on Shel Silverstein’s poem “Magical Eraser.” I’m posting mine first, and then I’ll post Brian’s at 9:30!

how i became half blind

he gave me a magical eraser
told me to be careful
I laughed,
started with the nose, carved a bit of curve free
like clipping toenails, it fell
disappointed in revision, I bent down
picked up the lopped off nostril
but then the eraser slipped
and caught my eye.

Writing Prompt 1 (23)

Now my friend Brian and I are going to start writing live! We are going to write a poem inspired by a Shel Silverstein poem, “Magical Eraser.”

Magical Eraser

She wouldn’t believe

This pencil has

A magical eraser.

She said I was a silly moo,

She said I was a liar too,

She dared me prove that it was true,

And so what could I do -

I erased her!