Writing Prompt 3 – Emily (35)

how great thou art

silhouetted in ocean
you lick salt off your lips
swallow futures
you grow trees tall enough to hide
regret, pulled
atmosphere ballooned like a belly,
stitched to the earth
like a parachute,
we breathe each other’s breaths
until we’re dizzy with fumes

a country with roads halfway finished
gravel stops suddenly
against a barricade of trees, bowed
carving paths only for those with
heels made of the earth,
I am covered in your bark

waiting to crack.

Writing Prompt 3 – Michelle (34)

Yay! Michelle joined us in writing! Here is her response to the writing prompt:

How great thou art

My toes curl at the thought of you
wishin. waiting. wanting just to be
falls of water avalanche down
how great thou art!

Writing Prompt 3 – Brian (33)

How Great Thou Art

your flesh folds over

as you curl yourself

then open. you’ve drooled

on my shoulder twice

since we collapsed into

each other last. you twitch

in your sleep

and while you operate the day

you glow

between the fluttering

but my these random bursts

lead me home.

Writing Prompt 3 (30)

Now we are going to write a poem inspired by Lucille Clifton’s “How Great Thou Art”

listen. You are beyond

even Your own understanding.

that ribandrain and clay

in all its pride,

its unsteady dominion,

is not what You believed

You were,

but it is what You are;

in Your own image as some

lexicographer supposed.

the face, both he and she,

the odd ambition, the desire

to reach beyond the starts

is You. all You, all You

the loneliness, the perfect


So now we will write a poem that begins “how great thou art” and take it wherever we want.

Writing Prompt 2 – Brian (29)

With potential’s passing

hand and welcoming embrace,

the broken bright, cracke me

open slow. Another body pillow

soaked in sleep walking trails.

The loose leaves fossilized.

When they read, years later

maybe they can tell folktales

of these minor triumphs.

I am a mighty mythology

taken in vain .

I asked God if she needed a drink…

Writing Prompt 2 – Emily (28)

I finished first again, so here is my poem:

without warning
night turns backwards
and your face is lit with dawn,
quiet closes your eyes like pockets
stuffed with nervous palms and
I can still smell you.
You smell like morning, sour
soaked in sweet.

the sun trips through the window
stumbles and spreads across your legs
I want to kiss your shadows
that’s where the flavor pools
the coolest water mellows in valleys
tucked in shade.
I want you.

there’s nothing more potent
than early morning thirst and my
throat cracks, sticky silence
but your lips are closed
your tongue holding on to its spit
for dear life.

stenciled in your body’s inverse
inhaling your sleep
I ask God to just this once pause time.

Writing Prompt 2 (27)

The next writing prompt is based on an excerpt from the poem “Upright Blues” by Terrance Hayes.

…When these knuckles climbed
the keyboard’s edge to the moon,

they were my blues. I had a little song
for the departing day. I was a stray

rooster-throated, bellowing hole,
I was a slim penny-colored skin.

A bank of two-sided wounds
in phenomenal light. I had a little song

for the departing night. I transformed
& was transformed by pleasure.

I was damn near invisible
like ice cubes fading into light.

Friends, I want you
to never have a song for death.

Once in the arms of a stranger
at the hour the paperboy wakes,

I asked God to give me a different life…

Based on this excerpt, we are going to write a poem about waking up in the morning, that must include the phrase “I asked God _”

Here we go!

Writing Prompt 1 – Brian (26)

Connect the dots of today

Sketches of the branches sway

Holes on the horizon line

Hi-light the rising night

Magic eraser, we”ll lose ourselves

Blown breeze ring the fluffy bells

Shake our smudges clean

We’ll write another ream.