End the Silence is a campaign dedicated to ending the silence surrounding sexual violence through the collective power of the human voice. Through stories, poetry, and visual art, End the Silence strives to open communication and end the stigmas surrounding rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse.

End the Silence Campaign originated as an online space for survivors to share their stories in early 2009. In the fall of 2009, End the Silence offered its first free writing workshops to survivors of sexual violence in Pittsburgh, PA. The “Discover Your Voice” creative writing and empowerment workshop helped survivors explore writing and self-expression in a safe, supportive environment.

In Our Own Words – One is the first collection of stories, poetry, and art produced by End the Silence Campaign. This project aims to promote awareness about sexual violence, encourage open and honest communication between victims and their loved ones, and support survivors in their quest to rediscover their voices through the healing power of storytelling, poetry, and art.

End the Silence is committed to the following goals:

  • To promote communication about sexual violence by empowering survivors and their loved ones to use creative expression as a tool to reclaim their voices.
  • To use the power of individual experience and creative expression to open communication, fight stereotypes, end judgment, and demand respect for survivors of sexual violence.
  • To empower survivors and their loved ones to stand up and demand an end to sexual violence.

Click here to learn about Emily Monroe and Margot Martin, the team responsible for End the Silence Campaign.