Feature: Jenn

In stunning prose, Jenn takes us on a journey through survival and healing that leaves the reader breathless. She describes the seemingly endless range of feelings that crush like an avalanche against us, sifting through the negative and positive to reveal simple hope. In her words:

“It feels as though every painting you’ve ever done is a gift from it. It feels enlightening. Being without it, would be nonchalance. This hole has festered, yet sprouted something promising. A branch of association. To take ownership of a feral estate is finally freedom. You feel connected to something. Soon, you feel like screaming out instead of into pillow. Because you came to see you’re blameless. The guilt and shame are still insisting in their own formidable ways, but you can yell out like you couldn’t before. The shame in the word, in the opinions of others, is gone. You want to invite conversation, so that no one will feel as empty as you once did. Because there are many of you. So very many.”

Read It Feels by Jenn.


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