SAAM Feature 17: Nicole


by: Nicole T.


Is he here?
I look around the corner
I creep down the hall
So he doesn’t see me
To listen to whispers to hear if it is him
Is it him?
Is he going to hurt me?
Will I get one night free?
Why me?
I am so little and cause no trouble.
Why does he hurt me?
In fear, I look around the corner.
Their he is, I run silently upstairs.
From years of practice I go and hide.
Is he coming, will he find me?
If I close my eyes, he will be done quickly.
Then and only then I can sleep, for a little while.
When I wake I sneak in silence and listen again.
Listen, listen this is my life, my fear and my shame.
Will he kill me today or tomorrow?
Will it be my mother?
He is gone today, only for today.

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