Writing Workshop Starting Soon! (17)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the poetry that I’ve included on the site so far. This is a preview for the types of material that will be included in the “Discover Your Voice” writing workshop beggining in November here in Pittsburgh. The workshop will explore poetry, short stories, dramatic monologues, and nonfiction articles and essays that touch on some of the themes associated with sexual violence.

Participants will learn elements of storytelling such as character, setting, voice, dialogue, etc and practice writing narrative poetry, spoken word poetry, and prose. There will also be a public speaking element woven into the workshop, because effective communication is so important when it comes to expressing your story.

At the end of the workshop, participants will put on a Benefit Performance that highlights their creative work. Performing will be optional, but all participants will have the opportunity to use their voice and listen to the voices of others.

Stay posted for more specific information!

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