Writing Prompt 2 (27)

The next writing prompt is based on an excerpt from the poem “Upright Blues” by Terrance Hayes.

…When these knuckles climbed
the keyboard’s edge to the moon,

they were my blues. I had a little song
for the departing day. I was a stray

rooster-throated, bellowing hole,
I was a slim penny-colored skin.

A bank of two-sided wounds
in phenomenal light. I had a little song

for the departing night. I transformed
& was transformed by pleasure.

I was damn near invisible
like ice cubes fading into light.

Friends, I want you
to never have a song for death.

Once in the arms of a stranger
at the hour the paperboy wakes,

I asked God to give me a different life…

Based on this excerpt, we are going to write a poem about waking up in the morning, that must include the phrase “I asked God _”

Here we go!

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